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Forthcoming articles:

“Failures of Mechanization: The Vegetative Power and Early Cartesians, Regius, La Forge, and Schuyl”, in Vegetative Powers: Endowing Bodily Life, ed. by F. Baldassarri, A. Blank, Cham: Springer, forthcoming.


“The Mechanical Life of Plants: Descartes on Botany”, in British Journal for the History of Science, 52/1 (2019). [Abstract]

“I moti circolari nella meccanica della vita in Descartes: embriologia e nutrizione nella medicina e nella botanica” [Circular Motions in Descartes’ Mechanics of Life: Embryology and Nutrition in Medicine and Botany], in Physis: Rivista di Storia della scienza, 2018. [Abstract]

“Descartes’ Bio-Medical Study of Plants: Vegetative Activities, Soul, and Power”, in Early Science and Medicine, vol. 23/5-6, 2018, pp. 509-529. [Abstract]

Manipulating Flora: Seventeenth-Century Botanical Practices and Natural Philosophy, ed. by F. Baldassarri, O. Matei, in Early Science and Medicine (Brill), vol. 23/5-6, Winter 2018. [TOC here]


Seeking Intellectual Evidence in Sciences: The Role of Botany in Descartes’ Therapeutics, in Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences, ed. by J. Lancaster, R. Raiswell, Cham, Springer, 2018, pp. 47-75. [Abstract][Here the link to the volume]

Controversies in Intellectual History and Medicine: The Case of Losers, Heretics, and Outsiders [here, in open access]

My introduction: Do Winners Take it All?

TOC - Controversies History of Medicine and Intellectual History

Gardens as Laboratories. The History of Botany through the History of Gardens [here]JEMS 6-1-pt BT